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Leadership Development

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Mission Statement

At Boundless Horizon, we guide others to discover and unleash their full leadership potential, no matter where they find themselves today. Organizations need leaders at all levels to bring energy, vision, healthy discourse, and innovative problem solving to every project, every day. Boundless Horizon Leadership Development Experiences inspire individuals and teams to seek new ways to solve old persistent problems by challenging their assumptions, befriending curiosity, and experimenting their way to new frontiers.

Leadership Development Experiences

Centered around a small group of high-potential team members, interactive sessions will guide participants through a personal and professional growth journey deepening self-awareness, resilience, relationships, and adaptive leadership skills. 

Program Structure

  • 6, 9, or 12 months in length

  • Monthly or Bi-weekly events including full-day workshops and 90-minute interactive discussions

  • Curriculum and program design are customized in consultation with executive leaders and sponsors

Sample Curriculum

  • Principles and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

  • Management Excellence: Coaching, Motivating, and Communicating Effectively

  • Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence

  • Energy for Life: Understanding Energy Sources and Strains

Sample Experiences


  • Leadership Development Planning

  • Executive Panel Discussion

  • Peer and Executive Mentorship

  • Case Study Capstone Project

  • 1:1 Leadership Coaching.*

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Amplify your investment in leadership development with 1:1 leadership coaching as leaders grapple with real-world application of new insights and tools. Coaching provides personalized support through bi-weekly coaching sessions focused on confronting professional and interpersonal challenges, inspiring participants to view these challenges in a new light, and providing a measure of accountability to set and achieve their professional goals. 

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Integral coaching is grounded in the belief that all human beings are creative, resourceful, and whole, and that the truest path through any challenge lies within. As a coach, I walk alongside clients and offer a fresh perspective on the challenges they face. I support them as they discover new facets of themselves and develop new capabilities to lead more authentic and resilient lives. It is a joy and an honor to be invited into my clients' lives, and to go with them on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. 

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Working together

Coaching engagements begin with an exploratory conversation both to understand both the issues that bring you to coaching and the world that you inhabit. Developing a trusting and open space for deep conversation is where we begin.  I then work together with you to craft a set of outcomes and a vision for what possibilities might emerge from the coaching experience. Movement toward those outcomes happens not just in our regular meetings, but also through short assignments you complete between meetings. 

What can you expect from me as your Coach?

A compassionate and attentive listener, a curious questioner, a curator of ideas and inspiration, an encouraging accountability partner, a graceful challenger, an engaged champion of your development.

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Let's Connect

Not sure if coaching is right for you? Curious about my coaching style and approach?  Let's talk about it! Schedule a free consultation.

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Small Group Experiences

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cat·a·lyst (noun) a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change.

Leadership Catalyst Circle: Casual Conversations to Ignite Bold Ideas 


A monthly gathering of motivated and energized leaders for the purpose of inspiring positive change. Small groups of colleagues gather together for 90 minutes, with each gathering focused on a discrete leadership, professional development, and personal growth topic. Participants engage in meaningful dialogue, challenge their own thinking, build trusting relationships with colleagues, and experiment with new ideas.


Why start a Leadership Catalyst Circle?

  • Invest in those who aspire to lead differently.

  • Give staff the time, space, and tools to think boldly about new solutions to chronic problems.

  • Empower individuals to lead from anywhere at any time.

  • Provide a forum for collaboration and relationship-building among cross-functional teams.

Sample Topics

  • Energy for Life: Understanding the sources of energy that power your work and life

  • Embracing an Infinite Mindset to Lead Sustainable Transformation

  • Enneagram: Insights into self and others

  • Understanding the Stress Cycle to Overcome Burnout

  • Design Your Life: Intentional design practices to bring focus to your career and your life

  • Emotional Agility Within and Outside the Workplace

  • The Benefits (and Drawbacks) of Deep Work

  • Radical Candor and the Art of Delivering Difficult Messages

Group Work
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