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What Clients Are Saying

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"Jen was instrumental in successfully launching our inaugural leadership development cohort. While we had wanted to launch a program like this for years, Jen's experience and energy provided the catalyst we needed to make this important investment.  Across this highly successful program, participants developed strong cross functional relationships while gaining a deeper understanding of their leadership skills. We are excited to build upon the success of the program and work with Jen again."

Peter K.

SVP and Chief People Officer, Get Well 

Bethesda, MD

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"Jen is not only an incredibly skilled coach, but also a beautiful soul. She listens actively and speaks with intention. Jen was able to craft the coaching plan to uniquely fit my needs and collaborated with me the whole way to ensure the goals we set resonated with me. Jen presented me with practices in such an accessible way that not only was I able to incorporate them into my life, but I couldn’t wait to start. Through working with Jen, I feel empowered, connected, and more in alignment with my truest self. I am able to use the skills I have learned through coaching to continue on this trajectory and create the life I desire. This has been one of the most insightful experiences of my life. I am forever grateful for Jen and her wisdom, passion, and tender spirit. I cannot recommend her enough!"


Kaylee M.

Occupational Therapist

Green Bay, WI

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"Jen’s skill in facilitating a brainstorming session for our Fund Advancement and Marketing teams was fantastic. She has an energy that drew out our creativity through a focused dialogue into what was and what could be. Jen listened intently, offered fantastic perspective, challenged our norms, and provided a platform for open discerning. Jen does the hard work of preparation before facilitating; she knew us and our organization. She leads with such grace, encouragement and a great deal of expertise. Jen was fantastic!"


Derek Yoder

VP of Fund Advancement, Bluestem Communities

Hesston, KS

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"I’m so glad I started working with Jen. Even during our first session she was asking questions and sharing perspectives I’d never have considered. Jen is encouraging and effective at breaking down challenges and obstacles that would otherwise be momentum-killers. With Jen’s help I’ve gained focus on what I truly want, am finally going after it, and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend talking to Jen for anyone who is looking for a similar sense of clarity.”

Ryan B.

Data Analytics Consultant

Washington, DC

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"I was fortunate to be introduced to Jen just after I resigned from a 20-year career with no immediate next step in mind. She first met me where I was -- validating the exhaustion, elation and fear that defined my new space. With Jen's guidance, I was able to disentangle my identity from my previous job title and edit the professional skills that I wished to take forward. Perhaps more importantly, she has armed me with new daily practices that are centering and grounding, a welcome touchstone that serves to remind me of my newfound sense of purpose. Jen has helped me define a new set of professional goals and priorities that will complement my personal life in a way that feels balanced, exciting and refreshingly authentic."

Anne M. 

Navigating a career transition

Philadelphia, PA

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"Jen helped me to recover my vitality. She is an incredible listener and has the ability to meet you right where you are and home in on what you need. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge and resources to help you find what you need to live true to yourself. I worked with Jen for 6 months and she was a gentle and strong mentor to me during some of the most difficult and challenging circumstances I have ever experienced.  I feel so fortunate to have had her by my side to help me navigate it and come out better, stronger, more resilient and grounded on the other side. I felt like Jen could really see me. She gently challenged me and supported me during the growth process. Jen helped me to bring aliveness, clarity and heart into my daily practice and my daily life. Weeks after we have finished our sessions Jen continues to inspire me and I would highly recommend her for coaching and personal growth in all areas of your life."


Francie S.

Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Hailey, ID

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"Jen is a remarkable coach. I had the good fortune of working with Jen during a highly transitional time. She helped me navigate what was important to me in the moment. I greatly appreciated her curiosity of my world, my thoughts and my goals, which she then was able to not only accurately reflect back but then pose a possible next step or alternate view. Our conversations were always rich in reflection and insights. Jen is humble, kind, insightful, resourceful, adaptive and generous. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach."


Joy J.

Actress and Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

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